Twilmij - The Core for Succes

High quality feed which is geared to specific needs and phases of development enables animals to perform better in terms of growth, health and productivity. As a manufacturer of premixes and milk replacers for the animal feed industry, Twilmij makes a sustainable contribution to these factors, while respecting people, animals and the environment.

This is expressed in a strong focus on customer wishes, knowledge development and product innovation. It is also evident in Twilmij’s state-of-the-art operational processes, reliable quality assurance, excellent after-sales service and an open company culture which gives employees scope to develop their own initiatives.

On the basis of a strong commitment, and in consultation with customers and suppliers, our employees create permanent value for animal nutrition. Twilmij aims to be a leading company and to continue to extend the boundaries. Growth is not an objective as such, but is a result of our contribution to our customers’ results. This has been the core for our success for more than 50 years.